Eylure C-Lash

I created C-Lash for people just like me, I found that such a little change, getting my lashes back, made me feel like I had myself back. 

Codilia Gapare

cancer survivor

As seen in the press

Woman of the Year Nominee 2019

Codilia’s true Story

 From the moment I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I started fighting and then I started thinking.

For my own sake I wanted to capture and maintain an attitude of normalcy, I wanted to ensure the face that I showed the world was full of the same unruffled confidence that had been my demeanour before cancer took hold.

For me, it was my lashes that I missed the most, the aspect that stopped me from being who I wanted to show to the world. It was this frustration that spawned the idea of C-Lash.


What is C-Lash?

C-Lash is a strip lash with a clear, self-adhesive band attached to it. With easier application and long lasting wear, it is ideal for lash replacement.


Can I wear C-Lash?

C-Lash has been designed for people who have lost their natural lashes but can be used by anyone who wishes for an easier lash application.


What can C-Lash do for you?

C-Lash increases the stability of your false lashes by providing a bigger, more solid foundation for the lashes to stick to the eyelid and remain in place all day